Current Projects


Under Construction:

Current Projects:
• Commodity Procurement Process – team analysis of current state processes, preferred alternatives, and design a uniform future state process to reduce off-contract purchasing and improves quality of future contracts
• Salt Management Tiger Team – team facilitation and analysis of current state processes to design future contracting, calibration, and measurement programs to reduce road salt contract pricing and optimize use
• DMV ePermitting Implementation – elicitation & mapping of current state commercial vehicle permitting operations, pain points, future state visioning, & modeling of potential solutions at varying scales
• FHWA Emergency Recovery Process Improvements – facilitation and mapping of current state emergency recovery process and improvements for the coming winter season

Past Projects:
• Fleet Operations Collaboration – co-facilitation of multi-agency exploration of fleet management practices seeking efficiencies and cost savings to benefit impacted agencies and the enterprise as a whole
• Central Garage Parts Ordering Process Improvement – Observation & analysis of current practices, analysis of inventory variances, & guidance on tools and methods to shift to enterprise ordering practices
• Budget Exercise: Facilities – Analysis, inventory, and mapping of current assets to close a projected 5-year budget gap & increase operational efficiencies and savings as part of a suite of statewide projects
• DMV Roadside Inspection Software Replacement & CVIEW Implementation – Business requirement development inclusive of process modeling (SIPOC), system modeling (Interfaces), & business requirements elicitation.

• Development, oversight, & management of CI program with small team
• Fostering CI culture and engaging in outreach/promotion/training
• Seeking CI opportunities and collaboration across the organization
• Develop operations framework, measures, & reporting of project status and outcomes