Current Projects


Vermont Agency of Digital Services (ADS) samples are available on request. For confidentiality reasons, they are not included in this site.

MMIS Coordination of Benefits Business Improvement

My first team project as a new Business Analyst is a business process improvement with the Vermont Agency of Human Services (AHS) Coordination of Benefits (COB) Unit. The project team includes a team of experienced business analysts, a project manager, an organizational change manager, and many subject matter experts (SMEs). We are analyzing existing materials and eliciting additional information for each COB process area, including: estate recovery, casualty recovery, trust recovery, over resource recovery, credit balance, waiver credit balance, hospice patient share, Legal Legal Aid Medicaid Project-Medicare Advocacy Project (LAMP-MAP), Health Insurance Premium Program (HIPP), data matching, IV-D insurance, private insurance, and the Prescription Drug Program (PDP).

I am primarily responsible for current-state process flow diagrams, current-state business rules, current-state problem statements, elicitation and validation meeting documentation, and the project glossary for the Estate Recovery, Casualty Recovery, Credit Balance, Waiver Credit Balance, Hospice Patient Share, LAMP-MAP, and PDP processes. The team is working together to draft key performance indicators and requirements traceability matrices. We have accomplished deliverable approval for Estate Recovery, Casualty Recovery, and End of Month processes. We are currently validating Credit Balance, Waiver Credit Balance, Hospice Patient Share, and LAMP MAP processes and eliciting PDP processes.

DMH Spreadsheets Improvement

My first solo project is an inherited project-in-process to analyze AHS Department of Mental Health (DMH) patient tracking processes and spreadsheets for potential improvements and efficiencies. Expected deliverables include current-state process flow diagrams, project glossary, stakeholder identification documents and SME kits, data dictionary and process notes, elicitation meetings and notes, interface dictionary and reporting needs, business rules, requirements, problem statements, and user stories. Currently I am updating, completing, and verifying previous BA documentation and work product.

AHS PMO Business Terms Glossary

Common vocabulary is a huge challenge in the state’s largest Agency. I have been assigned to manage the AHS IT Project Management Office (PMO) Business Terms Glossary to help establish and maintain a common vocabulary for business analysts to use in their work across Agency projects and with vendors. I am responsible for the schedule and agenda for the Business Terms Working Group (BTWG), a small team of business analysts and business architects reviewing terms for PMO-wide applicability. I draft, maintain, and communicate new terms and changes and secure sign-off on terms entered into the glossary. Currently we are reassessing our standard operating procedures, refocusing the team’s purpose statement, and revamping submission and access processes.

Universal Request Process Training

My first assignment at the Agency of Digital Services (ADS) was to take my extensive training development experience and put it to good use! The PMO had recently revamped its project Universal Request Process (URP) and needed training materials to teach business analysts across the PMO how to use the SharePoint site to effectively steward their assigned projects through the evaluation process. This included a set of URP Portal Training PowerPoint slides, step-by-step Business Analyst and Reviewer guides, and a guide to creating working drafts in SharePoint to help with version control. The URP was absorbed into a different work group shortly after this training effort, but the next step would have been to adapt the training materials for new employees and develop a voice-over video of the slides for accessibility.

Checklists and Guidances

As a way to get oriented to the work and processes of the Project Management Office, I was asked to revise and create a few documents to help BAs produce deliverable of the highest quality and current standards. This effort began with updating the Functional Requirements Quality Guidance to the most recent versions of the BABOK and PMBOK. Then, I drafted the Activity Diagram Quality Checklist to begin establishing a standard across the PMO that adhered to current UML standards, but also approved PMO templates. Both of these documents are currently under review for inclusion in the PMO Organization Process Assets library.