Current Projects


Work samples are available on request. For confidentiality reasons, they are not included in this site.

DMV Commercial Vehicle Operations System Replacement

My first project working with a vendor lead team using agile methodology. We are tasked with replacing the DMV Commercial Vehicle Operations Unit’s unsupported third-party software with FAST Enterprises FastDS-VS solution. During the planning phase of the project, I am responsible for extensive business analysis including Stakeholder Analysis; Elicitation and Collaboration; Interface Analysis and Modeling; Documentation Analysis and Summaries; Process Analysis, Summaries, and Modeling; and Financial Analysis and Modeling. I produced comprehensive tax type summaries and narratives; collected baseline statistics and generated appropriate matrices; drafted current and future state interface models, high level process models, and financial models with views for change request decision making; collected pain points and bright ideas; and produced complete inventories of legacy letters, forms, reports, and interfaces for  development.

My primary role on the project during implementation phase is Testing Implementation Coordinator, where I will share responsibility with my FAST counterparts for Business and End-To-End Testing. This work includes training subject matter experts to produce test scenarios, reviewing them for completeness and accuracy, and ushering a fleet of DMV and VTrans testers and FAST developers through 5 months of testing and revision. Rollout is scheduled for May 2020.

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