Current Projects


Under Construction:

Current Projects:

• CI Culture Building – development of coaching and improvement kata program, analyzing unit engagement intake process, defining roles and responsibilities for CI engagements

• DMV ePermitting Implementation – elicitation & mapping of current state commercial vehicle permitting operations, pain points, future state visioning, & modeling of potential solutions at varying scales leading to implementation of an online permitting system that eases issuance and enables efficient administration, tracking, reporting, and compliance for state issued oversize/overweight permits in accordance with State regulations.

Past Projects:

• Salt Management Tiger Team – team facilitation and analysis of current state processes for contracting, calibration, and measurement programs to reduce road salt contract pricing and optimize use. Identify improvements in contracting, use, and storage of road salts to reduce costs and establish consistency in practices statewide. This effort has saved the state $4.2M to date.

• FHWA Emergency Recovery Process – facilitation and mapping of current state emergency recovery process and improvements for the coming winter season. ​Establish a current process for FHWA Emergency Recovery and develop supporting materials and procedures to recover more funds efficiency.

• Invoice Matching – facilitate development of a paperless process for matching invoices to payment records & storage in OnBase system. Identify improvements that will enable paperless matching and batching for recordkeeping of vendor invoices and shift workload from records management into the A/P unit.

• PUA Appeals – on loan to Dept of Labor to develop methods to clear pandemic backlog and adapt UI processes for PUA. Deliverables included process mapping, development of enhancement tickets for the Salesforce system, guidance for non-appeals staff, and data tracking spreadsheets to manage ALJ workload assignments and report statistics.

• Fleet Operations Collaboration – co-facilitation of multi-agency exploration of fleet management practices seeking efficiencies and cost savings to benefit impacted agencies and the enterprise as a whole

• Central Garage Parts Ordering Process – Observation & analysis of current practices, analysis of inventory variances, & guidance on tools and methods to shift to enterprise ordering practices

• Budget Exercise – Analysis, inventory, and mapping of current assets to close a projected 5-year budget gap & increase operational efficiencies and savings as part of a suite of statewide projects

• DMV Roadside Inspection Software & CVIEW Implementation – Business requirement development inclusive of process modeling (SIPOC), system modeling (Interfaces), & elicitation


• Development, oversight, & management of CI program with small team, mostly in the form of team building exercises, reviewing and modifying intake and engagement processes, management and tracking of work in progress, and reporting on successes and lessons learned.

• Fostering CI culture, collaboration, and engaging in outreach/promotion/training, mostly in the form of building and growing the Agency Continuous Improvement Green Belt Network. This can include internal trainings, coaching opportunities, leveraging existing green belts to meet business unit requests for engagements, facilitate engagement with statewide network, promote statewide training at all “belt” levels.